Torpedo Ride

Location:  Western Samar, Philippines

Torpedo Ride, riding a motorized boat that traverses through a 10-km portion of the Ulot River in Western Samar.  There are 3 people who assist the guests:   1) Point Man (the one in front) - steers the boat; 2) Boat Man - controls the engine, and 3) Tour Guide - gives information and assists the Boat Man.


The Torpedo Boat is made of solid wood carved from the trunk of trees. It has been the mode of transportation for locals living within the forested area.

The Ulot River is located in a protected watershed area where water flows coming from surrounding mountains. The journey is composed of 24 rapids downstream with the ultimate U-turn at the "Dine" (pronounced dee-nee) Point. Along the way, various rock formation is a sight to enjoy. Truly nature at its best!

The water level at "Dine Point" varies depending on the flow from the mountains. When we were there, the water was so deep that it looks like waterfalls within the river. It was so inviting to plunge into the cool fresh water.

Through the prodding of my guide, I agreed to go into the water with the condition that we will jump together. It took awhile to muster all my courage but this is a chance of a lifetime. So, there I was floating after reaching the bottom of the river. This is my breakthrough in overcoming the fear of raging waters.


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