About Rosalie

"Simplicity is beauty" was the motto I would always write in my 'slum book' days. Little did I know that this phrase would have a big impact on my life.

Today, I call myself a "Simplification Specialist". In whatever  I do....whether as household manager, consultant, development worker, seminar facilitator, life coach....I always make life easy for myself and others (if they choose to).


I am Rosalie, from the Philippines,  born in Manila (the big city) and grew up on a farm in Masbate. Eventually, I went back to Manila to study Industrial Engineering at the University of Santo Tomas where I met Noli who later became my husband. We were the typical Filipino family --- clannish with the relatives, always together in different occasions from birth to death.

As we go along with this blog, I will be sharing my life's evolution from simple to complex and back to simply happy embracing nature.

My Family

My husband is my travel buddy now, previously he was not. As we go through life, we were able to reconcile and acknowledge our differences as individuals. Thus, we enjoy traveling together without the drama. We have four boys who grew up to be independent and expressive. There are no impositions, only respect for the choices they made in life.