Exploring Bohol

The Cebu-Tubigon route is the “road less traveled” for most tourists. This is the most convenient way to travel when you are bringing your own vehicle especially with the operations of FastCat Ferry. The good thing with having your own car is you can stop at whatever fancies you along the countryside like eating grilled ‘saba’ bananas, buying plants and exploring locally-made products.

Sagbayan Peak

Sagbayan Peak, which is about 30 minutes drive from Tubigon Port, is a mountain resort with various facilities to enjoy. Below is the main entrance going up with a P50 fee per person.

Halfway through, a dinosaur figure welcomes guests leading to the children’s playground.

The breathtaking view at the top, mini-Chocolate Hills. This is also the view that you can enjoy while having lunch or snacks.

The best spot to take groupie with a view and a hidden lion structure on the side. 

Tubigon Loomweavers

Tubigon Loomweavers Multi-Purpose Cooperative offers products made of raffia, abaca, and other indigenous materials. This is where you can get your colorful placemats, table runners, eco-bags, purses, and other handmade items.

Resort Hopping in Panglao Island

Panglao Island (a smaller island than Bohol proper) is around 30 minutes drive away from Tagbilaran City connected by bridges. There are many resorts to choose from and a big directional sign leads you to the place you want to go.

Be Grand Resort

Be Grand Resort is a mini-Shangri-La in the island. The hotel was designed by Paulo Alcazaren, a famous architect, and creative designer. The lobby boasts of artistic furniture collection from internationally-known artists such as Kenneth Cobonpue.

This is one of the surprises on the walls of pocket gardens, a 3-dimensional artwork depicting Bohol’s famous tourism sites i.e. Chocolate Hills and tarsiers. 

Henann Resort

Hennann Resort is the biggest resort in Panglao Island with around 400++ rooms and a convention center. Situated along the highway of Panglao Island Circumferential Road, it is very accessible. The resort lobby and coffee shop opens up to the pool area.

The buffet at Seabreeze Cafe is a treat, with a variety of delicious international and local food.

South Palms Resort

South Palms Resort (formerly the other half of Bohol Beach Club) is situated along the 2.4 km. white sand beachfront. The welcoming entryway leads one to the restaurant serving authentic Filipino dishes.

Linaw Beach Resort

Linaw Beach Resort is in an inner location facing the sea. Be on the lookout for the sign so you wouldn’t miss it. The rooms are big and the plant hedges lead to a well-decorated function room. They serve healthy breakfast—muesli with yogurt, fresh fruits, bread basket with assorted jam and butter.

There are still more places to explore in Bohol and this trip gave us an opportunity relax and smell the sea breeze.


Torpedo Ride

Location:  Western Samar, Philippines

Torpedo Ride, riding a motorized boat that traverses through a 10-km portion of the Ulot River in Western Samar.  There are 3 people who assist the guests:   1) Point Man (the one in front) - steers the boat; 2) Boat Man - controls the engine, and 3) Tour Guide - gives information and assists the Boat Man.


The Torpedo Boat is made of solid wood carved from the trunk of trees. It has been the mode of transportation for locals living within the forested area.

The Ulot River is located in a protected watershed area where water flows coming from surrounding mountains. The journey is composed of 24 rapids downstream with the ultimate U-turn at the "Dine" (pronounced dee-nee) Point. Along the way, various rock formation is a sight to enjoy. Truly nature at its best!

The water level at "Dine Point" varies depending on the flow from the mountains. When we were there, the water was so deep that it looks like waterfalls within the river. It was so inviting to plunge into the cool fresh water.

Through the prodding of my guide, I agreed to go into the water with the condition that we will jump together. It took awhile to muster all my courage but this is a chance of a lifetime. So, there I was floating after reaching the bottom of the river. This is my breakthrough in overcoming the fear of raging waters.